Thoughts on JUST Egg

I don’t remember exactly where I first heard about JUST Egg. Maybe an Instagram ad? Not really important, but the first time I saw a video showing it being cooked and served like chicken eggs, it looked too good to be true. The color, texture, how it cooked up, it really looked like chicken eggs!

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I were grabbing stuff for breakfast at Whole Foods. As I passed the egg section, I remembered the JUST Egg ad I had seen somewhere, and thought I would give it a try. It was located right next to the chicken eggs, and the yellow bottle was easy to spot among a sea of neutral-colored egg cartons.

JUST Egg is a fluffy, filling and savory breakfast protein made from plants that scrambles just like eggs…JUST Egg is made from mung beans, which contains a protein that we discovered can taste and scramble just like an egg.


It was like $6 or $7, not a terrible price, but it was a little more expensive than I expected. I suppose in my mind I was comparing it to the cost of eggs, but then as I stood there considering it, the phrase ‘COST OF EGGS’ loomed so large in my mind (you know, all those animal-loving vegan thoughts came flooding in) and suddenly the $6 or $7 didn’t seem like a big deal so I threw it in the cart.

But in case you are curious about the cost per serving, let’s say I spent $7 on one 12oz container. The label says there are 8 3-TB servings per container, and one serving is equivalent to approximately one chicken egg. So that ends up around $0.88 per ‘egg’ – considering that a standard breakfast serving of chicken eggs would be two, you’re looking at about $1.75 per meal.

I decided to make my favorite breakfast sandwich (a toasted everything bagel with Tofurky deli slices and a piece of Violife mature cheddar) and add a JUST Egg, so it would end up like a vegan turkey-egg-and-cheese. I greased this pan with olive oil and little bit of Earth Balance, then measured out one serving (3TB).

This stuff really cooked up just like eggs – very fast, stuck to the pan a little bit even though I greased it properly, and was a little tough to fold into an omelet (I probably should have used a rubber spatula). I would say when doing a side-by-side comparison with eggs, it’s really a spot-on substitute.

The final product.

JUST Egg tasted a little different than chicken eggs (obviously), but had a very similar texture and somewhat bland flavor. It was a little slimier than a chicken egg, and I know that makes it sound gross but it wasn’t!

Overall the JUST Egg was pretty good. Aside from replacing scrambled eggs, this product can also be used for “…French toast, fried rice, breakfast burritos, western omelets, Pad Thai, frittatas, and more.” It’s not meant for baking, but the company has a baking-friendly version in the works. And with almost any plant-based substitute, it’s clearly a better option for the environment (the company’s website says it requires 77% less surface and groundwater than leading brands [and] has a 40% smaller carbon footprint than leading chicken egg brands).

But I probably won’t buy it again. The number one reason is the price – while I ultimately decided that the price was not too expensive for what the product is, I’ve already eliminated eggs from my lifestyle, and I don’t miss them, so I don’t need to buy it. There are hundreds of thousands of vegan recipes out there that don’t involve egg replacements or substitutes, because eggs aren’t a necessary part of a human diet. I’m really quite happy without eggs and without egg replacements, and this didn’t blow my socks off to the point where it changed my mind. However, if I was newly transitioning to a plant-based or egg-free lifestyle, and was looking specifically for an egg replacement, this would be a perfect product.

Would I eat it again? Hell yeah! If I went to brunch and saw the JUST Egg on the menu, you better believe I would order it. And I would go back to that restaurant and order it again. I think the JUST Egg is a perfect option for restaurants who want to offer an egg-free breakfast option that’s not a bowl of oatmeal or a fucking fruit plate, ooh just the thought of a fruit plate is bringing back terrible flashbacks! There are plenty of non-vegan people who don’t eat eggs (due to allergies or whatever) that would eat this. And it’s a delicious option.

I am not in any way affiliated with or endorsed by JUST Egg or the JUST brand. All opinions are my own.

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