Satanic Sunday – Veganism and Satanism, Vol. 1: The Book of Satan

Below are my thoughts on how parts of The Book of Satan in The Satanic Bible align with my views on veganism.

To preface, the Church of Satan does not endorse veganism as part of its teachings.

I break away from all conventions that do not lead to my earthly success and happiness.

p. 30

This is a very important one for me, and even outside of veganism I apply this in my life as much as possible. More specifically, I really love animals, and eating them doesn’t make me happy at all! So the fact that a nonvegan lifestyle is how I was raised, and is what’s considered normal to many, is not right for me.

I question all things. As I stand before the festering and varnished facades of your haughtiest moral dogmas, I write thereon in letters of blazing scorn: Lo and behold; all this is fraud!

p. 31

This one really tugs at my inner rebel heart strings. Here I align ‘festering and varnished facades of your haughtiest moral dogmas’ with traditional (aka outdated) myths and attitudes about food, nutrition, and wellness. For example, I have terrible memories of being forced to drink milk as a child. My parents thought it was good for us, and made us drink a full glass with dinner at night. But I don’t blame them. Based on the food pyramid that was popularized by the USDA when I was a kid, dairy had an entire category to itself which called for 2-3 servings per day. Now I know that’s not right for me.

Too long right and wrong, good and evil have been inverted by false prophets!

p. 31

Got Milk always seemed like a very strange campaign to me, maybe because I always hated milk anyway and no amount of marketing could’ve convinced me otherwise. Milk was marketed as a product that we needed in order to be strong and healthy. I know that to be false for me personally, and have felt my strongest when not consuming dairy. Where were the Got Soymilk? commercials?

As environments change, no human ideal standeth true!

p. 31

As humans have evolved and we’ve become what we are today, we are at the point in time where, in many parts of the world, there is no need to eat animal products to survive. Enough alternatives have been developed to successfully maintain sufficient nutrition in a plant-based diet. And with worsening climate conditions (literally, the environment is changing), a plant-based diet is the best option to lower your impact.

The most dangerous of all enthroned lies is the holy, the sanctified, the privileged lie – the lie everyone believes to be a model truth. It is the fruitful mother of all other popular errors and delusions. It is a hydra-headed tree of unreason with a thousand roots. It is a social cancer!

p. 32

The lie I consider here is the one that says you need dairy and animal protein to be healthy and strong. It’s been perpetuated by meat and dairy industries for years, advertised and marketed as the healthiest things to feed your kids and yourself. It is completely false, and it has been proven that elite athletes on a plant-based diet have improved cardiovascular health, which in turn positively impacts performance. I’m thankful to live in a time when companies like Beyond, Impossible, and Violife are creating alternatives available in the mainstream market. As people learn the benefits of a plant-based diet, and are ready to transition, products like those can help make life easier.

Blessed are the mighty-minded, for they shall ride the whirlwinds – Cursed are they who teach lies for truth and truth for lies, for they are an abomination!

p. 35

Being a vegan definitely makes me feel mighty-minded. I’m taking a stand for what I believe in, I’m expressing myself, and I’m not contributing to toxic industries that have created devastating impacts on our world. They are the abomination!

Interpretations and opinions are my own; I am not a spokesperson for, nor endorsed by, the Church of Satan or any other entity.

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