Satanic Sunday – LaVey’s Quick Reads: The Devil’s Notebook

Hello heathens, welcome back to this week’s installment of Satanic Sunday.

This week I’m covering some of LaVey’s short writings that provide some fun, quick reading. All of these examples are from The Devil’s Notebook, a collection of LaVey’s writings – thoughts, ramblings, commentary, essays, etc. In the foreword, he mentions that “no concern was given to whether or not what was written would be good, bad, offensive, pleasing, or even whether it would see print. Each was set to paper because to refrain from doing so would have meant self-denial” (p. 10). Because of that, this book is pretty fun to read and kind of gives a glimpse into LaVey’s mind, exposing his thoughts on all kinds of topics.

The writings I’m highlighting below are all what I would consider quick reads – about 5 minutes or less.

Music for the Ritual Chamber (p. 79)

LaVey was an accomplished professional musician, and had strong opinions on the appropriate types of music for the ritual chamber. He gives many examples of specific composers, pieces, and movements that can evoke different reactions. He also reiterates the importance of true emotions being conjured during a ritual, and discusses how music can impact that process. It’s also fascinating to get a glimpse at what a musical expert LaVey truly was (I recommend reading The Secret Life of a Satanist to learn more about LaVey’s musical life).

Some Evidence of a New Satanic Age Part 2 (p. 86)

If you’ve read The Satanic Bible, you’re familiar with Part 1, which “…provided some example of how modern Christianity was modifying itself to keep in step with diabolical advances” (p. 86). Part 2 continues LaVey’s musings on how TV is the new God, and he explains how it is the “major mainstream infiltration of the New Satanic religion.”

Destructive Organisms (p. 97)

In The Satanic Bible, LaVey discusses the qualities of those who would be suitable targets for a curse or hex. Based on the content and tone of Destructive Organisms, I think he would include vandals in that group. This one-page rant explains what LaVey thinks should happen to those who deface and destroy other peoples’ property and oooh I would not want to be on the receiving end of a hex like that.

Let Me Entertain You (p. 104)

This is the longest essay I’ve included in this list, but it goes quickly. Brimming with LaVey’s trademark wit, this essay explains exactly what a Satanist should do when they’re put in the position to entertain others with tales of their Satanic life. It introduces the concept of ‘Satanic kitsch’ and is really hilarious!

Summertime (p. 118)

This delightful rant about how much LaVey hates the summer just really warms my heart, because I, too, have an unrelenting burning hatred for those four hottest months of the year when existence is pure brutality. He writes that “…summer ‘gaiety’ is a maladroit ritual performed with calculated chaos” and “in my noir world, the sticky glare of summer has no place” (p. 118) and I couldn’t agree more.

Hatha Toilet Seat Meditation (p. 57)

In this essay, LaVey explains why meditation and contemplative thought are best done while sitting on the toilet. The privacy, relaxation, convenience – he certainly has a point.

There are many more wonderful writings in this book, which I highly recommend you add to your Satanic book collection.

That’s all for today, short and sweet! Join me here next week for my favorite quick reads from Satan Speaks!

Interpretations and opinions are my own; I am not a spokesperson for, nor endorsed by, the Church of Satan or any other entity.

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