my name is hilary, and i’m a vegan satanic integrative nutrition health coach.

hail vegan started as an experiment in exploring the connections between veganism and satanism. both are so important to me. but as i move through life, i’ve realized i am no longer satisfied with spending my one vital existence in anything less than my best health. and i want to help anyone who wants the same for themselves.

the american health care system focuses on disease management, not disease prevention. it focuses on treating the problem, not preventing it in the first place. and when someone is faced with a complex situation involving their health, there is often very little guidance provided by medical professionals on the multitude of options to help them get through to the other side.

it’s not their fault. medical professionals work tirelessly to support us all the best ways they know how. but the fact remains that they are often not trained on how to treat illnesses with nutrition. they’re not taught to focus on holistic wellbeing in order to mitigate symptoms of ailments. and the way our healthcare system is set up, they definitely do not have the time to do any of that anyway.

i had the experience of navigating my own complex health issue with little support. i learned how to advocate for my own health in spite of what the medical community told me. i took the most authentic and satanic path i could think of, and it worked – i did what made me feel better, and it healed me. instead of focusing on taking medications, extensive lab tests and results, and visits to the doctor, i started exercising. i spent more time doing and learning about things i really loved. i changed what i was eating, i changed my career, and my environment. all of these helped me become the most authentic, true version of myself, which resulted in deep healing on many levels, far beyond the health issue i was experiencing.

through all of that, i realized that i was the only person who could advocate for healing myself in a way that worked for me, on my own terms. my goal in becoming a health coach is to help you like- and open-minded individuals do the same.

i use the term ‘like- and open-minded individuals’ because i know not everyone who wants to improve their health is going to become a vegan satanist. don’t worry, i’m not here to recruit you for membership in either of those clubs.

being a vegan satanist may not be the right thing for you. it is for me, and if we’re going to be working together, it’s probably a good idea for you to know that. being a vegan satanist informs much of my decision-making and my approach to life, so if you’re not down with that, i’m probably not the best health coach for you.

i take a holistic approach to health, and working with me means that we will talk about everything from what you’re eating to who you’re dating and how you’re sleeping.

if you’re ready to transform your health and change your life, let’s talk.

services (coming soon!)

virtual heath coaching consultations

we’ll talk for 50 minutes over the phone or through video chat about your current health and goals for the future.

virtual health coaching program

i’ll work with you directly to achieve your health goals in a way that is sustainable and works best for your lifestyle.

questions? email me:

if you’re ready to transform your health and change your life, let’s talk.

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