Wellness Wednesday – 5 tips that helped me learn to hate sleep less

Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday. This week I’m talking about the very contentious topic of sleep, and sharing 5 things I learned that had a major positive impact on my routine. Sleep is one of those topics that everyone seems to agree on in the worst way. Almost anyone you meet could wallow with youContinue reading “Wellness Wednesday – 5 tips that helped me learn to hate sleep less”

Wellness Wednesday – Sober Curiosity

At some point during the spring of last year, I decided to stop drinking regularly. I was drinking waaaaay too much – my social life revolved around what happened at happy hour, and the impacts of my alcohol intake were knocking me down. I would get pretty bad hangovers marked by nonstop vomiting, and inContinue reading “Wellness Wednesday – Sober Curiosity”

Wellness Wednesday – Why I don’t work out for fitness

Welcome back for wellness Wednesday. This week I’m sharing two things – a story and some science. Story first. Until about 5 years ago, I was actually proud to say ‘I don’t work out.’ I have asthma, and have had it my whole life, so I never played sports as a kid. Instead, I playedContinue reading “Wellness Wednesday – Why I don’t work out for fitness”

Wellness Wednesday – Meal prep, homeostasis, and why I don’t eat salads

Hey heathens. Welcome to my first official wellness wednesday post, and thanks for joining me. We’re officially 8 days into a new decade, and January trends are in full force. My classes at the gym are full of new faces. A bunch of my colleagues suddenly have new haircuts or glasses. And my Instagram feedContinue reading “Wellness Wednesday – Meal prep, homeostasis, and why I don’t eat salads”

Satanic Sunday – Satanism, Wellness, and Vital Existence

Welcome back to Satanic Sunday. As I continue working towards some goals I would like to achieve in my career and personal life, I’m increasingly motivated to define the connections among the different aspects of my life that I’m pulling together. This week I’ll be discussing something that is deeply important to me – howContinue reading “Satanic Sunday – Satanism, Wellness, and Vital Existence”

Transforming from witchy into wellness

When I started hail vegan, I had a lot of things in mind that I wanted to accomplish. Mostly, I wanted to create a space for people like me, with a world of valuable content for like-minded folx. I wanted to focus on disseminating and explaining the principles and texts of the Church of Satan,Continue reading “Transforming from witchy into wellness”